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To remember you…

5 May

What shall I remember about you ?

Is it the fragrance of your warm body ?

Or, is it the delicate touch

Of your snow-cold hand ?

At times, I wish to

Take all these treasures

Away from you

And keep them locked in my

Old wooden chest

Lying hidden

Inside the secret chamber of my mind.

But when we sit together,

My mind stops.

My thoughts freeze

Like a lake in the winter.

In that silence, I experience

The contentment

Of an ascetic who has found God.

The moment you move away,

I wake up to my human moods.

My frozen thoughts melt

And spread all over my mind.

Sometimes, they spill out

And become poems.

Shall I keep those poems of mine

To always remind me of you ?

But, aren’t they just clear mirrors

Which show me my own face ?

How will they ever become your beautiful portraits

Which I can always keep with myself ?

Submitting for Thursday Poets’ Rally – Week 43

Thanking Jingle and other friends for awarding me with this nice memento! A big sorry for the delayed acceptance.