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In Another’s House

15 Jun

In another’s house

I am not quite myself.

Always alert and present.

Never talking in loud voices.

Neither oversleeping, nor sleeping less.

Waking up at that perfect moment

Before the teapot is placed on the stove.

Offering help without being asked.

Thus, faking my normality

To have them feel that

I am at home.

Neither overeating, nor eating less.

Taking only that right amount

Of fried chips, fruits and dates

Offered in the evenings.

Always worrying about

Tidying the bed-sheets I have slept on

And perennially concerned about

My accidental footprints on their painted walls.

Neither talkative, nor mute.

Trying to speak those

Apt words at the right times

Nodding my head in agreement

With a smile

To all the opinions, advises and experiences

Pouring into my ears;

While my waking mind within

Is straining hard to unroot

That weed of a thought

Which keeps on asking me

Why I should put up this pathetic act

To keep afloat, unsoaked

This paperboat

Called our relationship.


Submitting for Thursday Poets’ Rally – Week 46