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The Bed

28 Mar

Crumpled mattress.
Love and passion
Has intertwined on it.

Empty bottle.
Heavens of intoxication
It has imparted.

A white puppy.
It has run around here
Softly barking
Before it turned to a doll.

Pieces of paper, cloth,
Near the bedpost.
Remnants of
An idle day of pleasure.

A locked up suitcase.
Possibly packed with
Happiness that was here.

And the owner
Of the joy that was here ?
Got Crumpled like the mattress ?
Got Emptied like the bottle ?
Turned still like the doll ?
Got Dumped like the wrapper ?
Who knows ?

Might come some day to
Take away
That suitcase of happiness,
I hope.


Based on the prompt provided at Wednesday Magpie Tales 221