Hand In Hand

28 Jun

You take my dreams to the mountains for a trek.
Let them soar, I think.
Let them touch the clouds.

We stand in the valley
And look up to the mighty heights.
Won’t you take my hand and lead me ?
In the moonlight, we climb.
Won’t you teach me a new tune
To sing our hearts together tonight ?
We pass rocks, boulders and slippery slopes.
Won’t you soothe my wounds if I slip and fall ?
We listen to the silent night.
We see the dark trees and the glittering stars.
Let us, my love, conquer our tall fears together.
Won’t you kiss a breath into me on the zenith ?

Let us, my love, be each other’s shelter
From the cold winds ravaging the peaks.
Let us wait to watch the first rays of dawn
And sun ourselves to its delights.

Then let us walk back.
Hand in hand.
Through the winding paths.
In the shades of trees.
Over the rocks.
Along the slopes.
Down, down, down and down.
To a place we call,
A home, our own.


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