Park Avenue Alpha

28 Jun

The once familiar
The nearly finished
deodorant bottle.
Might still have the scent
For a day or two.
Park Avenue Alpha,
The orange coloured bottle
Having lost its value
Among the newer cosmetics:
Perfumes, Fairness Creams,
Moisturisers, Face Washes.
Park Avenue Alpha
In an ignored corner of the wardrobe
A fine layer of dust
On its grey cap.
Park Avenue Alpha.
Citrus, Oriental, Musky..
So on goes the list of notes.
Whose strong distinct mixed aroma
Brings back to me
Memories from a not-so-distant past,
Sketches in my mind
The face of a person,
Gives life again
To the words that one said:
Once quite affectionate
But reproachful and harsh, later,
Clouds my mind with emotions
Which smells a weak note of love
And a stronger note of hate.


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