Song of defeat

28 Jun

I am closing my door.
Putting my lights out.
Dear love, do not come again.
Do not call me again.
For, I cannot come with you.
This, a cage.
And myself, a bird trapped.
A birth cord
Still fresh and soaked in blood
Restraining my feet.
My several relations,
The many obligations
Weighing down my wings.
The golden crown
Of the sacred lives
My ancestors led
Upon my head,
Burning and painful.
The skies of my life
Still in my mother’s womb.
I am tired, my dearest,
Fatigued from my battles
To break free from all this
To come to you
To be with you
To sing the song of my life with you.
It is time to accept defeat
And fall back.
It is time to give up
The desires,
The passions
For the warmth of a security
I get from here.
It is time to fold my wings
Close my eyes
Plunge into an act of slumber
On this cold dark floor
And start the decay into a certain death.
Oh!, my dearest,
I have closed my door.
Put my lights out.
Do not come again.
Do not call me again.


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